BizTalk Integration

As organisations have evolved, so has their IT infrastructure. At any given time, individual data piece is required to be updated across multiple disparate systems, to deliver a single moment of truth. Designing an IT landscape without a scalable, pluggable and integrated solution can decrease the efficiency and effectiveness of any enterprise.Mayasoft has supported large government aided financial organisations, major enterprises and business in designing, developing, customising, implementing, and providing support services for their BizTalk integration.

Thinking how to connect different IT systems and applications at scale to achieve efficiency?
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What we do

Enterprise Systems Integration

Simplify the complexities of connecting with multiple systems (Point to point integration) and use integration patters to have a loosely coupled integration.

Organisation Service Bus

Create a single source of data flow by setting up an organisation-level service bus.

Legacy System Integration

Enable legacy systems to communicate with your existing applications using legacy integration support using BizTalk Server.

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