Immigration SA

Immigration SA

How a South Australian government agency improved its operational efficiency with Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM implementation.

Breaking data silos to deliver unified view of customer journey

About the Client

Immigration SA is a State Government agency based in Adelaide, within the newly formed Department for Innovation and Skills and is responsible for skilled and business migration to South Australia. The agency works with the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs to attract eligible skilled and business migrants through state-nominated visa programs. State nomination is a pathway to permanent residency in South Australia.

Executive Summary

The client wanted to improve their operational efficiency with a singular, centralised view of customer data (earlier managed across multiple CRM systems) along with a real-time integration of customer’s data with their internal systems.

Client's Challenges

The client was using Dynamic CRM 2011 on-premise version for application assessment which had reached its end-of-life stage. Besides, the legacy CRM solution was not agile and flexible to incorporate new policy and system changes (as mandated by the Govt and the internal agency), including the adoption of new forms, features, processes, and functionalities which were already in effect.
The other challenge that the client was facing was that they were having multiple CRMs running in concert. These included:
• Managing client relationships, application and assessment management, and
• Initiating, managing, and collating data from scheduled surveys and updates.
This was causing instances where customer data was residing in multiple CRM instances and the client was not able to have a singular, comprehensive view of the entire customer journey. That meant that the reduced operational efficiency increased fixed and operational costs.

How We Helped

Mayasoft established an engagement governance framework in conjunction with the client's business process champions. This cohesive team, defined and charted out the entire lifecycle of the customer's journey through the immigration process, detailing out instances of disjointed, subsets, and overlap of information and data. Along with mapping out the business process in greater detail, Mayasoft identified instances of data residence, including instances of creation of duplicate datasets and data silos.

Mayasoft, a Microsoft partner, implemented cloud-based Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM as a single CRM system that replaced instances of multiple CRMs within the customer organisation. The solution developed by Mayasoft involved a web-based integration with a front-end portal. The solution allowed the customer to leapfrog from a daily routine file-based batch processing runtime schedule to a real-time always available system. This meant that the client was able to achieve a 'single moment of truth' against an earlier iteration where there was a lag in the front-end data and the information residing in the back-end layer. Further, Mayasoft was able to automate multiple business processes within the client's organisation that was earlier either done as part of manual processing or batch processing. The current system implemented and supported by Mayasoft, also makes the client's business environment future-ready with the flexibility to add new service and automate more business processes.


Streamlined and re-engineered business processes

Significant reduction in the project implementation timeline

Real-time integration of customer data with the client system

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