Not For Profit CRM Implementation

Helping Hand

How a South Australian aged-care organisation championed the outcome for its customers through automation and CRM implementation.

Delivering on customer experience and delight through technology

About the Client

Helping Hand is a not-for-profit organisation offering help at home, retirement living and residential care to over 7,000 older South Australians in Adelaide and regional South Australia. They enable their customers, carers and their customer’s families to live their lives to the full.

Executive Summary

The client was looking for alleviating customer experience and improving the response time to customer application assessment through automating business processes and introducing technology solution to manage customer data.

Client's Challenges

The client was creating, modifying, and appending customer data in Office suite applications. With over 10 operational care facilities in Adelaide and regional South Australia, the client was invested heavily in dealing with a huge quantum of customer data that required a lot of manual intervention. This included, application filing, assessment, validation and response generation and submission.

The management team was looking for a better way to manage their business process as well as eliminating operational inefficiencies that had crept into the system. Some of the key challenges that the team wanted to address were:
• Automation of business process
• Setting up of workflows and SLAs to improve response rate
• Productivity and efficiency improvements
• Improve customer satisfaction via faster service delivery

How We Helped

Mayasoft, an independently owned and operated IT consulting and services organisation headquartered in Adelaide, collaborated with the client business partner to chalk out the existing business process. With a clear understand of the ‘as-is’ process, Mayasoft ideated on the technical interventions that should be implemented to unlock value in the client’s business process. With the sponsorship and approval on the new ‘to-be’ environment (coupled with technology framework), Mayasoft brought forth the rearchitected business process.

Mayasoft identified that the client required a customised CRM system tuned to their business needs. A Microsoft partner, Mayasoft implemented a simplified CRM system that took care of managing and tracking important and essential customer data and parameters. Through this the client had a clear visibility of how many assessments they were managing on a daily basis and measure it against system defined SLAs.

In addition, they were able to respond to customer enquiries through automated emails; generated and dispatched according to the pre-defined SLAs. This helped them to track the performance of their employees and understand how they were servicing their clients.

It was also critical at this point, to understand that the introduction of a new technology landscape (something which was new to the client’s front-, middle- and back-office) would require hand-holding and training the staff on how to derive the best and highest outcome from the system.


Positively impact customer experience

Streamline business process and reduce business operating cost

Reduce turnaround time (TAT) for application assessment

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